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At JT Tech Electronics, we are constantly upgrading our capabilities, as well as adding equipment and expertise as needed to assure that we keep up with the needs of our customers. With this in mind, JT Tech Electronics has positioned its resources well to provide customers with services for high-volume production products as well as low-run production products and prototypes. With our production facility of more than 25,000 sq feet manufacturing space, we can ramp up quickly to satisfy the high production runs. Maintaining flexibility of our resources allows us to provide engineering and operational resources for prototype applications. JT Tech Electronics has the capabilities to manufacture both large and small orders of custom cable assemblies, wire harness assemblies and electro-mechanical assemblies, quickly and efficiently, meeting and exceeding our customers' quality and time requirements.

JT Tech Electronics has in-house testing laboratory with comprehensive list of test facilities. This guarantees 100% inspection and quality assurance protocol. Our high quality standards demonstrate our ability to fulfil our customer's mass production and prototyping needs.